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  • NameBrad Salerno
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Born and raised in Western MA, I now reside in Suffield, CT with my loving wife, two beautiful daughters and my two pups! I graduated with a BS in Business Administration from Nichols College and have been in the mortgage industry for over 20 years. Though I have held many titles throughout my career, no position has been nearly as gratifying as that of a loan officer - sitting face to face with borrowers and helping them to achieve their goals. Putting my experience to work, solving problems and making a difference is what drives me. I am proud to serve my great communities and help my borrowers succeed in fulfilling their dreams. I work exclusively by referral, so service is paramount. Whether you are looking to purchase, refinance, build new construction or renovate, I am filled with years of experience and information and would love to share. Just call, text, email or apply online.

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  • NameRick Bettencourt
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Capital Fundings. LLC

  • NameAlex Bogumil
  • LicenseNMLS# 1200373
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Salute Home Loans

  • NameSamuel Royer
  • LicenseNMLS#: 525750
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Fidelity Home Group

  • NameErik Björklund
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Waterstone Mortgage

  • NameDwayne Hutto
  • LicenseNMLS# 110495
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Hallmark Home Mortgage

  • NameMallorie and Brandon Butler
  • License1904272
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Meet Mallorie and Brandon Butler, the dynamic duo making waves in the world of mortgage lending. High school sweethearts turned business partners, Mallorie and Brandon share a love not only for each other but for helping others achieve their dream of home ownership.

About Mallorie

Mallorie Butler has always had a passion for turning dreams into reality. With an extensive background in mortgage loan origination, Mallorie is dedicated to guiding clients through the intricacies of the home financing process. Her warm personality and commitment to excellence have earned her the trust and gratitude of numerous clients.

About Brandon

Brandon Butler complements Mallorie’s expertise with his own wealth of knowledge in mortgage lending. Brandon has an innate ability to navigate the financial landscape, ensuring that clients not only secure a mortgage but embark on a journey toward financial stability and home satisfaction.

The Butler Family

Beyond their professional achievements, Mallorie and Brandon are the proud parents of two beautiful children, Maylee and Ava. As a family, they share a love for the Florida outdoors—whether it’s a day of boating, soaking up the sunshine, or exploring the beauty of the state they call home.

Two for One Team

Mallorie and Brandon operate as a two-for-one team, combining their skills to provide a seamless and personalized experience for their clients. Their unique approach goes beyond transactional relationships; they strive to create lasting connections with each individual or family they assist.

Making Home Dreams Possible

For Mallorie and Brandon, it’s not just about facilitating mortgages; it’s about making home dreams possible. They understand the significance of finding the perfect place to call home and work tirelessly to turn visions into addresses.

Regional Expertise

Licensed in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and their beloved home state of Florida, the Butler team brings a wealth of regional expertise to the table. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or looking to refinance, Mallorie and Brandon are your go-to professionals for a smooth and informed lending experience.

Connect with Mallorie and Brandon Butler today and let them guide you on your journey to homeownership. Your dream home is closer than you think, and with the Butlers by your side, the path to it is paved with knowledge, expertise, and a genuine passion for making dreams come true.

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Novus home mortgage

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Ross Mortgage Company

  • NameRobert Kalagher
  • LicenseNMLS # 13497
  • Phone508-320-4219
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Bob established Ross Mortgage Company and steadily grew it to a well-respected operation with branches throughout eastern MA. When Bob is not calling upon regional Realtor Groups or administering the day-to-day needs of a busy mortgage operation, he hosts “Real Estate Matters” on the Money Matters Radio Network. Having recently wed the love of his life, Jessica, Bob and Jess are building a new home in Bolton MA.

Bank of England Mortgage

  • NameMeagan Mician
  • LicenseNMLS# 1851201
  • Phone978-799-5429
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About Winslow Homes - Real Estate Brokerage

Established in 2009, Winslow Homes Real Estate Brokerage has solidified its place in the real estate industry with a substantial presence across Coastal Florida, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Our firm's unique blend of entrepreneurship, market expertise, charisma, and client commitment has set us apart from the competition.

At the heart of Winslow Homes lies a commitment to the core principles of Honesty, Integrity, Trust, and Service. These values, encapsulated in the acronym H.I.T.S., underline every negotiation and successful closing that our firm facilitates. Our adherence to these principles has earned us a reputation for excellence and trust, recognized by the title of “Best of Central MA”.

Our team at Winslow Homes is made up of seasoned professionals, each offering unique skills and experiences that strengthen our brokerage. Our agents have honed their expertise in an array of real estate sectors: from guiding clients through luxury home sales, assisting first-time home buyers, managing transactions for rehab homes, to handling commercial property deals as well as working with investors on both short-term and long-term rental properties. Beyond this, their proficiency extends to in-depth market analysis, strategic contract negotiation, and leveraging the latest technology for innovative marketing strategies. This comprehensive and diverse expertise enables us to deliver exceptional service and robust results to clients across a vast spectrum of real estate needs.

At Winslow Homes, we believe real estate is about more than just transactions. It’s about forging long-lasting relationships and simplifying the complex process of buying or selling homes for our clients. Our focus on marketing, thoroughness, organization, and client relations helps us to transform every real estate transaction into an enjoyable and rewarding journey.

Based in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, Winslow Homes remains dedicated to its legacy of innovation, service, and excellence. We continually strive to uphold our commitment to our guiding principles as we empower our clients to achieve their real estate goals at the highest level.

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