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Making their first foray into real estate in 2009, Megan & Ryan Winslow applied entrepreneurial business acumen, housing market knowledge, effusive charisma, and personal experience to every transaction for buyers and sellers throughout Central and Coastal Florida.

Born and raised in MA, the son of a real estate broker, Ryan initially pursued a passion for real estate at the end of his military career. Following an Honorable Discharge, Megan and Ryan became partners to create a real estate team like no other, they formally became licensed in 2009 and went on to coordinate transactions for a growing client base.

By 2016, they had represented buyers and sellers throughout MA, FL, RI, and CT being of service to successfully achieve their real estate goals. They have become noted as the “Best of Central MA”. They opened Winslow Homes LLC and became agent partners, REALTOR®.

Megan & Ryan cling to a personal philosophy that cements long-term relationships among their clientele. “We live by this acronym: H.I.T.S.,” they explain. “It stands for honesty, integrity, trust, and service. For us, it encapsulates everything from communication, negotiation, transaction navigation, and successful closings. It’s about staying honest, having integrity, remaining trustworthy, and being of service. Our goal is to help our clients accomplish their real estate goals at the highest level.” Their sustained success can be credited to a fascinating career journey that brought them from a combat leadership position in the army and a college student to a pair of successful real estate agents.

As agents, they continue to leverage this invaluable real-world experience in brand building, business strategy, and marketing, yielding sought-after results. “Marketing, thoroughness, organization, and client relations are key,”. “For us, every transaction is about building relationships and helping home buyers navigate a complex process. We’re here to make real estate an enjoyable milestone for clients and their families.”

Megan & Ryan reside in New Smyrna Beach, FL. with their three beautiful children Jaikob, Jaelynn, and Julianna.

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